What if I see a particular day that has an “out-of-character” level of sales? What happened and should I just delete that day?

Sometimes you’ll open Sales Spy and you’ll see a product that is showing really high sales. It is important that you click on the “View Graph” button for that item. This is a good practice to get into for all products just to be sure that the projections you are seeing are accurate.

In many cases you’ll see a single day that is out of trend. For example you might see daily sales of 5 units, then 8 units, then 12 units, then 3 units and then 500 units. That last day is clearly out of trend. This can happen for a number of reasons including the seller running a promotion or Amazon moving the inventory from warehouse to warehouse.

If this happens, simply delete that day by hovering over the out-of-character bar for that day and clicking “delete day”. Your projections will instantly recalculate.

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