Why send automated emails to your customers?

Surprisingly, our research has shown that most Amazon sellers don’t send any emails to follow up with their customers after they buy on Amazon. By sending the right kind and quantity of messages, you can set yourself apart very quickly and make a great impression on your customers. The key words here are “the right kind and quantity”. Nobody likes “spammy” or “salesy” emails and nobody likes too many of them.

We advise customers to keep emails VERY short and informal. Make them feel like a quick “check-in” email from a friend. By doing this you can get ahead of any issues like breakages, missing parts, wrong items and so on, BEFORE they become a bad review. We all know that people are far more likely to write about a bad experience than a good one, so you need to be vigilant in catching bad experiences early!

The second reason (and it should always be secondary) is to ask for a review. We strongly advise not to ask for the review until you have sent two service emails. Please see our email guide for exactly what we send and when.

 Done well, automated emails will reduce bad reviews, increase customer satisfaction with your brand and increase the number of reviews you get overall.

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